'Making good people into great retailers.'

It has never been as easy to be a retailer, but it has never been so hard to be a successful one.

Strategic thinking, market awareness, brand & product innovation, and the ability to seamlessly blend people & technology across physical and digital channels are essential skills and attributes for every retail leader. These are the competencies that retail investors, owners, executives, colleagues and customers value the most. ‘The Complete Retail Entrepreneur’ eLearning courses are the perfect career accelerators for individual entrepreneurs, new retail business owners, and anyone driving commercial change in established businesses. They allow flexibility for you to learn and evolve at your own pace, working around your current commitments and personal evolution plans.

Tim Radley introduces ‘The Complete Retail Entrepreneur’

Courses that teach you how to apply & evolve retail best practice to your own business performance, and for your personal career development.

What clients & customers say about Tim Radley

“It is effectively like having a consultant review your retail business with you, asking all the (often challenging) questions to check whether the business, or you as an individual, are in the best state to succeed. Rather than being just theoretical, the action pages give practical advice/checklists and actions, including some surprising ones like ‘Plan for the end for your business’.”

Pete – Founder & CEO UPskill Ltd. UK

“Tim Radley is such a giving individual filled with so much knowledge within Retail. Every time he speaks you learn something. ”

Louise – Retail expert, trainer & mentor. Ireland

“A life time of experience packaged in a clear, simple and methodical way. Many publications about this subject tend to be whimsical speculation, but founded on front-line experience this book collates relevant/current case studies and pairs them with simple action plans and guidelines. ”

Jolyon – Brand Strategy Director & Founder of BlendUs. UK. 2022

“In a conversation I was blown away with Tim’s passion about retail and his wealth of knowledge and understanding of the mindset of new entrants into retailing. The time given to myself has been priceless in terms of were I go from here with so many great suggestions and advice. I have no doubt that we will be building a great relationship together as our retail business grows, thank you so much Tim Radley for your time and kindness in our conversation ”

John – Managing Director Euro Paint Distributors. 2023

“Tim Radley can add “skilled reader of rooms” to his list of accolades. While his presentation was focused on global trends and the unpicking of these to suit a specialist sector like ours, he deftly turned these predictions and forecasts around, and on their heads, to acknowledge that the answers were in the room with us all along. ”

Alan – Health Stores Ireland. 2023Alan – Health Stores Ireland. 2023

The course objectives

No.1: To make your business better. No.2: To develop you as a retail professional

The courses will teach you to think, to analyse, to appraise, and to make better intuitive judgements when faced to act decisively in these disruptive retail times. You will grow and evolve the professional competencies, and the personal attributes required to succeed. Through each course you will develop your strategic thinking, market awareness, brand & product innovation skills, people & technology management across your physical and digital channels. These are essential skills and attributes for every retail leader.

The course process

The objectives for each course are met through delivering 3 fundamental stages.

  • 1. Self-Appraisal

    Assess your current business & personal awareness & knowledge

  • 2. Action Plans

    For each chapter, brainstorm key discussion points & create action plans to make your business better and develop your professional skills

  • 3. Business Strategy Document & Personal Development Plan

    Develop a ‘Business Strategy Document’ of priority improvements for your business and a ‘Personal Development Plan’ to deliver new & valuable personal skills

How the courses works...

Tim Radley explains the course structure, the contents, the supportive learning process, and how the course builds to the creation of the final business & personal development plans

Develop tangible & actionable documents

Every student will take away unique & individual 'Business Strategy Documents' and 'Personal Development Plans' created & produced by themselves, under the guidance of Tim Radley.

  • Personal guidance

    Listen to Tim explain & guide through every presentation

  • Templates to download

    Record and organise your brainstorming ideas, strategic ideas & action plans with specifically designed documents.

  • Best practice case studies

    Learn from the best practice retailers and brands at every stage

  • Self-assessment

    Begin the course with personal & business analysis & conclusions

  • Quizzes

    Finish every chapter with a quiz to check your understanding

  • Completion certificates

    Take away a graduation certificate when you complete and fulfill the course requirements

Who are the courses for?

If you are a retail leader that can define what is essential and you are also able to practically deliver ‘essential’ in a retail business, then you have a huge advantage in the industry. Make your business essential. Make yourself essential, exceptional & indispensable, to your own retail ventures, and to every retail employer. That’s what I’m here to teach you! This is what to expect!

  • Retail entrepreneurs and new business owners.

  • Retail professionals who need new retail thinking and skills to help propel themselves in their chosen careers.

  • Executives and managers injecting new retail thinking and processes into their existing businesses

  • CEOs and directors needing to refresh their retail awareness, strategies and leadership

  • Innovators across retail functions from buying & merchandising to retail estate planning & digital interface development

  • Investors in retail disruption and start-up businesses

How will you benefit, grow and evolve as a retail leader?

You will learn to think, to analyse, to appraise, and to make better intuitive judgements when faced to act decisively in these disruptive retail times. You will grow and evolve the professional competencies, and the personal attributes, that retail investors, owners, executives, colleagues and fellow retail entrepreneurs value the most.

  • Awareness & insight on how and why the consumer is evolving so rapidly, and an understanding of the commercial importance of customer relationship development.

  • Skills to enable you to build customer connections through brand and product propositions, and to balance and co-ordinate people and technolog

  • Confidence to invest time & resources into the correct strategies & deliverables for your business, and the abilities to assess and adopt the best and most appropriate practices from established retailers

  • Abilities & confidence to be able to employ successfully a digital & disruptive mind-set , with the vision & skills to develop physical shops as ‘Personal Destination Retailers.’

  • Awareness & direction to deliver brand appropriate & seamless customer touchpoints, with the foresight to move from traditional physical ‘retail location planning’ to immersive ‘customer location planning.’

  • Authority & confidence to shift retail mind-sets from ‘economies of scale’ to ‘scale on economies’

  • Values & empathy to embrace ethical, sustainable and commercial circular practices, and to create and develop original, honest, genuine ‘authentic retail propositions!’

Are you ready to transform yourself into an informed, free-thinking and inspirational 21st century retail leader?

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